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SASED Itinerant Staff

School Psychologists
Heather Rodgers (Supervising Psychologist ): A-C Central, Auburn, Greenview, Tri-City - [email protected]
Kaci Clark: North Mac, Pawnee - [email protected]
Jon Jacobus: PORTA - [email protected]
Keenan Kittell: New Berlin, Virginia, Tri-City - [email protected] 
Molly Garlisch: Riverton - [email protected]
Vince Glaub: Tri-City, Williamsville, Riverton - [email protected]
Haley Hickey: Pleasant Plains, North Mac - [email protected]
Julann Scheibal (Intern): New Berlin, North Mac, Tri-City - [email protected]
School Social Workers
Chelsea Beard: Auburn, New Berlin - [email protected]
Heidi Voegele: Pawnee, Riverton - [email protected] 
Trish Turek: PORTA - [email protected]
Julie Stinnett: North Mac, Auburn - [email protected]
Patty Redpath: North Mac - [email protected]
Adrian Thompson: Riverton - [email protected]
Kelly Dial: SASED Central - [email protected]
Sarah Roy: SASED Central - [email protected]
Michael Reeves:  Williamsville - [email protected]
Storm Casad:  Pleasant Plains, Tri-City - [email protected]
Cody Chrzanowski: A-C Central, Virginia, New Berlin - [email protected]
Leslie Seck:  Greenview, Athens - [email protected]
Madison Woosley (Intern): New Berlin, Auburn, PORTA - [email protected]
Amanda Garrison (Intern):  New Berlin, Pawnee, Riverton  - [email protected]
Occupational Therapists
Betsy Briney (Supervisor OT/PT): A-C Central, Auburn, New Berlin, Pleasant Plains, Virginia - [email protected]
Morgan Welch: North Mac, Riverton, SASED Central - [email protected]
Mallory Anderson: Pawnee, Riverton, Williamsville - [email protected]
Reagan Worth: Athens, Greenview, Pleasant Plains, Tri-City - [email protected]
Physical Therapists
Anna Burton: Athens, Greenview, New Berlin, Pleasant Plains, PORTA, Riverton, Williamsville, Tri-City - aburton@sasedcentral.org
Carrie Downs: A-C Central, Auburn, North Mac, Pawnee, SASED Central, Virginia - [email protected]
Hearing Itinerant
Baylee Jones: SASED Cooperative - [email protected]
Vision Itinerant
Sara Wylie (Virtual TVI): SASED Cooperative 
Jackie Macy: Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist