Vacancy Bulletin

Non-Certified 2022-2023

Para Pros SASED Central (4)

Para Pro Part-Time PORTA Elementary

Job Coaches


 2023-2024 School Year

Co-Principal SASED Central 

Structured Classroom Teacher SASED Central (3)

Part time EC Teacher Petersburg Elementary

Physical Education Teacher SASED Central

Vision Itinerant Teacher

Psychologist (2)

Social Worker



Non-Certified 2023-2024

Para Pro Part-Time PORTA Elementary

Para Pro SASED Central **multiple positions**

Para Pro PORTA Elem. CBE Classroom

Para Pro CACC Transitional CBE

Job Coaches

Note:  All positions are 100% unless otherwise noted. 

PLEASE COMPLETE THE  APPLICATION BELOW AND EMAIL TO:  [email protected] or fax to 217-786-3814.  The application is for both non-certified and certified.
Questions may be directed to the same email address.
You can download a pdf version of our application and email to [email protected] or complete in Applitrack