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About the Program

The SASED Central educational program consists of academic instruction appropriate to grade placement, academic achievement, and individual needs.  Elementary and Junior High school students receive instruction in standard curriculum areas including reading, language, spelling, math, science, social studies, physical education, and health.  High school students will receive instruction in required elective courses to meet the graduation requirements of the Illinois State Board of Education.  Vocational opportunities and life skills classes are available for identified students.  In all cases, instruction is individualized in consideration of the student's unique needs as documented in their Individual Educational Program (IEP). 

Lessons from research based intervention curriculums (Skill Streaming, Steps to Respect, Second Step, Aggression Replacement Training, the Prepare Curriculum, Model Me Kids and the Social Skills Intervention System) are implemented daily by professional staff to provide structured experiences designed to teach social skills, positive character traits and anger management.


Evidence based practices, including, but not limited to, functional behavioral assessment, reinforcement, prompting, differential reinforcement of alternative behaviors, extinction, self-management, computer assisted instruction, social skills groups, social stories, video modeling, independent work systems and visual supports, may be used to facilitate learning in all areas of the curriculum.


Volunteer experiences, incentive activities, and field trips are scheduled throughout the year. These activities are an integral part of the educational program, offering opportunities for generalization of acquired skills in the community. Scheduled activities are structured and may occur on or off campus.