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Secondary Transitional Experience Program (STEP)

STEP (Secondary Transition Experience Program)  

Goals of STEP

STEP is a training/placement program that helps students with disabilities prepare to transition to employment and community participation during and after high school.  Students learn to become productive, self-sufficient adults through a variety of STEP experiences. These experiences:
  • Assist students in developing desirable work habits and realistic career goals;
  • Provide opportunities for students to explore careers;
  • Offer meaningful work experiences through on-the-job placement; and
  • Encourage students to develop the social and personal skills needed to maintain successful employment.
Students who have work experience during high school are more likely to have a job and earn more money after they leave school.

STEP services

  • Guidance and career counseling
  • Information and referral
  • Opportunities for career exploration
  • Participation in paid work experiences
  • Job training and placement
  • Supported Employment Services
  • Independent living services
  • Coordination of post-secondary education and training

Vocational Coordinators

Tom Meyers
Tom Meyers: 217-786-3250 ext. 115 
Districts:  Auburn, New Berlin, North Mac, Pawnee, Riverton, SASED Central School, Williamsville

Steve Dilley
Steve Dilley- 217-786-3250 ext. 162
Districts: A-C Central, Athens, Greenview, Pleasant Plains, PORTA, Tri-City, Virginia