Insurance Open Enrollment

The employee benefits open enrollment period with SASED is beginning and will run through 9/18/2020. This enrollment will be conducted online using the Employee Navigator enrollment tool.  If you have already accessed the site, you can simply login using this link: Login.  If you have not yet registered, please login using this link:  Registration First time users will be instructed to enter a company identifier, which is SASED.  Once you have accessed the site, you will need to click onto each of the green boxes and follow the prompts.

                                            Please be certain to read the VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION BELOW:

* Before beginning your benefit enrollment, please watch the 2020 Benefits Review video located under the Tasks section.  This video will review the new BCBS benefit plan options to assist you in your selection, as well as the other benefits available to you.  If you have previously been approved to Opt-Out of benefits, you will not see this video* 

·       In addition to the benefit video, there are other required tasks which you must login to complete.   Everyone will be asked to review/sign the agreement to receive information throughout the year electronically, and unless you are a retiree, you will also be instructed to read/acknowledge receipt of the Employee Handbook as well as the new approved Policy Manual.


·       The BlueCross BlueShield medical plan benefits are changing this year.  It is very important that you login/register for the Employee Navigator site to review the new plans and make your selection.  If you do not do so, you will be rolled over into a pre-selected plan and will be unable to change your election until the next open enrollment!


·       This is also the time of year to make changes to your dental, vision, and supplemental life benefit programs.  This is the only time of the year you will be able to add/drop coverage or dependents unless you have a qualifying event.  If you are electing the supplemental life benefit for the first time, or increasing the benefit amount, you will be instructed to complete a medical insurability form.  This form can be turned in to Nick Williams, or sent directly to Troxell via email, or fax, 217-321-4206.


·       Because of the changes in the medical plans, you will be allowed to make a change to your FSA deductions should you wish to do so.  These changes are made outside of the open enrollment process in Employee Navigator – please contact Nick Williams for assistance if a change is needed.


·       As you walk through the open enrollment process, please be certain to download the Pretax Premium Form, complete and return to Nick Williams.


If you have any questions regarding the Navigator process or the benefits being offered to you, please feel free to contact Nick Williams, or the staff at Troxell listed below:

Nancy Jockisch,, 217-321-3206

Steve Hewell,, 217-321-3252