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Ms. Harding's Class!

About Ms. Harding:
Welcome! My name is Kelcie Harding, and I am one of the high school structured teachers. I graduated December 2017 from Illinois State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education-Learning Behavior Specialist 1. I did my student teaching in the intermediate emotional/behavioral classroom at SASED and started teaching in this classroom starting January 2018. Therefore, this is my first full year as a licensed teacher! While going to school, I was a teacher at a Children's Academy for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years. 
About Ms.G:
 My name is Chelsea Gondek, and I am a paraprofessional in Ms. Harding's class. This will be my first year at SASED. I got my bachelors in Psych at Greenville College in 2016 and am now working on my Masters in counseling, online at Huntington University. 
About Ms. Murfin:
 My name is Cami Murfin, and I am one of the paraprofessionals in Ms. Harding's class. I have worked with SASED for 12 years. I was involved with the Hope/SASED co-op for 6 years. I worked at CACC and Lee School for 2 years at each. I have my Associates in general education. 
Contact Information:
Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions. You may do so by writing a note in your student's notebook, sending me an email at or calling (217) 529-8849.
Classroom Schedule :
8:45-9:00- Arrival/Unpack
9:30-9:50- PASS
9:40-10:10- Thursdays Music Therapy 
10:40-11:10- PE 1
11:50-12:30- PE 2
12:30-1:10- Lunch/Break
1:30-1:50- Structured PE
2:15-2:30- Pack up/Dissmal
Classroom Rules
Personal Space

Assigned Area
School Work
Follow Directions
No Aggression
No Weapons